Hoover Community Mural

The Hoover Community Mural reigns as the largest mural in Tulsa. Spanning alongside 31st street from Darlington Avenue to Yale Avenue (that’s 750 feet long!), our mural represents the best of our square mile in Tulsa and breathes life back into the 31st street corridor.

We’re proud to showcase our neighborhood’s 1950s and 1960s architecture and educate the public about Hoover’s rich history in Tulsa.

Our mural showcases the post-war, modern features of the many ranch and split-level houses in the neighborhood, including breeze block patterns and plants found throughout the neighborhood. A reference to the longtime geographical center of Tulsa, 26th and Joplin, connects Hoover’s history with Tulsa’s future, represented by the city flag. Throughout the mural, we incorporated several nods to Hoover culture, including a pair of swords to represent the Hoover Sword Army (our active neighborhood watch volunteers), a Hoover Elementary School husky, and the Lortondale logo to represent the atomic style ranches in the neighborhood.

As we are now the caretakers of the mural, we are accepting donations for ongoing mural maintenance. Reach out to us below for more information on donations or becoming a sponsor. Donations can be sent via PayPal, check or cash. Donations are tax deductible.



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