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Letters from the School

Thank you, Hoover neighbors!

Thank you and others from HNA for all that you do!! You made our first ever "Preview Night" a success! We want to thank you all and hope you will help us promote a wonderful new school program called "The Leader in Me" (next story below). Sincerely, Anne Gore, Hoover PTA President


The LeaderinMe
great happens here

The Leader in Me is a school-wide process that develops staff and students as leaders and thereby transforms the culture and performance of the school. It integrates leadership development into daily curriculum, activities and systems and creates a culture where every student is encouraged to set and achieve meaningful goals, be a positive influence on others and use his or her individual gifts to better the world. This is a three-year process supported by Franklin Covey, which provides professional development, staff and student resources, community networking opportunities and ongoing coaching to ensure quality implementation. Schools are certified in the content, so the model can be sustained for years to come. For more details, visit . Check with Hoover Elementary School to learn when an information meeting might be scheduled at the school.

. . . Hi Everyone,
The school year has started.  We have increased our student population to about 615 students.  We are adding another 4th grade teacher next week.  Whew!
Some of you are paired readers and we would love to have you involved again this year.  We will start this the third week of September.  Mentors we hope that you will come back again this year.
This year we are offering a mentoring training at Highland Park Christian Church on Monday, September, 19th at 7:00 Highland Park is on the corner of Hudson and 31st.  We have a guest speaker who has been involved with mentoring programs for the past 40 years.  She has lots of ideas and information.    If you are thinking about mentoring, have a friend who would like to mentor, or just want to know more you are welcome to come.  It is open to all of our partners!  Mentoring will start the week after the training.
Please let me know if you are attending the training and if you are interested in volunteering again this year.  We welcome our volunteers.  Your time is appreciated and it DOES make a difference for our students.
Looking forward to another great year!
Kathy Davis,
Hoover Principal
JUNE 2011 . . . I believe the fact the association was started in memory of Elizabeth Wagoner and to honor her, our former student who so tragically lost her life -- means that we at the school can and should show our support for developing our neighborhood relationship -- not only to help build the association,  but to help the students see that adults and children can work together for the betterment of all. Building a sense of community, working together toward common goals by keeping our neighborhood safe and supporting our children --
these are things that I believe are very important to help our students and our neighborhood feel safe and strong and become a more caring place to live.  And we can have so much fun while we do this!
Thank you for your leadership and volunteering your time to do the work of the association.

The website looks amazing too! 
We appreciate you!
Laura Collins
Vocal Music Teacher And the Hoover Choruses
Hoover Elementary School  --  TPS 
June 2011