Darlington Park at 29th Street and Darlington Avenue is enjoyed by countless area residents and is the special project of our Hoover Neighborhood Association. HNA has raised funds to be matched by the City's beautification grants, made possible by the George Kaiser Foundation, to make such improvements as benches, tables, evergreen shrubs, water fountain, bike racks and more. Thanks to all our neighbors and supporters for a beautiful park!



Enjoyed by countless residents and their children and pets, the new equipment includes a
spongy walking surface made of recycled rubber.

First graders welcome Spring at Darlington Park.

The park includes several tennis courts, a basketball court, picnic area and benches.
More details:
4.9 acres
Parking along the curb only, best on 29th street
2 tennis courts; no lights
Basketball court with 1 goal
Many large shade trees with squirels and cardinals
Park benches
Playground area with shelter, picnic tables, benches
Trash cans and dog litter bag dispenser

Our Hoover Neighborhood Association has raised funds for the City of Tulsa and Kaiser Foundation's matching grant program and used the money to purchase and install new picnic tables and benches, bicycle racks, drinking fountain, swings, concrete pads for these items, and more. This project began in 2013 and will probably be completed in 2016. Come to the HNA monthly meetings for updates and to get involved. We appreciate the generous contributions of money, time, garage sales, etc., by all our neighbors!