Hoover Highlights & People

Linda and Richard McAninch. Honored at our January 13, 2014 meeting, this couple has lived in the Hoover neighborhood for 39 years. We have them to thank for getting the meeting signs placed throughout our square mile each month, a service we truly appreciate.

Joyce and Logan Boltz.
This was a tender moment at the November 11, 2013 neighborhood meeting. The Hoover Neighborhood Association honored Joyce and Logan Boltz for their countless hours of service to the Hoover Neighborhood. They have moved out of the neighborhood to a retirement community and we miss them.

Phyllis and John Wilson
were recognized at the September 9, 2013 neighborhood meeting for their many contributions of time and talent to our neighborhood events and projects. They are loyal attendees at our neighborhood meetings and consistently volunteer to help improve the Hoover neighborhood.
Pictured at left are the Wilsons
at the September 2013 neighborhood

Delphi and Bill Lloyd
 were honored at the April 8, 2013 neighborhood meeting for helping at our annual Spring neighborhood garage sales and Fall block parties in past years. Going "above and beyond" the call of duty, this couple also volunteers with other community organizations. Thank you, Delphi and Bill!
Pictured: Bill Lloyd takes the mike to share a bit of the couple's volunteer activities while Delphi Lloyd, right, looks on. Board member Peggi Ridgway announced the honor.

Delphi Loyd is one of twelve RSVP* volunteers who in December 2012 received the President's Lifetime Achievement Award for volunteering a minimum of 4,000 hours. Delphi volunteers for four area non-profit organizations, three of which are weekly commitments.
Shown at left, from left, are: Miss Oklahoma Alecia Clifton, Delphi Loyd and Suanne Wymer, RSVP* Board of Directors.
*Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Long-time animal activists Mike and Kathy Nobles, who founded Tulsa’s Going Home Animal Rescue & Transport, provide a much needed service to pet lovers in multiple U.S. states.
Ironically, thanks are due to the lack of enforcement of the spay-and-neuter ordinances, along with attitudes generated by culture and tradition, right here in Oklahoma. These factors contribute significantly to the abundance of stray, neglected and abandoned pets, particularly dogs, throughout our state.
Retired animal lovers with time on their hands, the Nobles decided to rescue pets and get them into the arms of pet lovers. But the Nobles’ service is a little more unique than those provided by local animal aid and adoption agencies.
The pets, mostly dogs, are vetted (they receive their vaccinations and necessary treatment and are evaluated as to their aggressiveness), and the Nobles then make arrangements with agencies and shelters in cities where the population of adoptable pets is not enough to fill the need. Cities like St. Paul and Minneapolis, Denver and Albuquerque, where animal spay and neuter laws are strictly enforced, do not have enough strays available for residents looking to rescue and care for pets.
Going Home Animal Rescue & Transport comes to the rescue.
With dogs from throughout Oklahoma, they are usually well stocked and well prepared. Mike and Kathy Nobles arrange transportation of groups of the vetted animals, using a specially equipped van and a host of volunteers.
On a Friday night in November 2010, two volunteers drove 21 dogs, including a litter of puppies, to Minneapolis. They drove all night, delivered their cargo on Saturday morning, spent the night in a motel, then drove back to Tulsa, arriving in time for a night’s sleep before going to work on Monday morning. One of those volunteers lives in Elk City, a long drive from Tulsa.
It’s because of the enthusiasm of volunteers that Going Home has grown in popularity among the states needing pets. Its work has also attracted dozens of volunteers. In 2011, the organization hopes to buy a second van for the Oklahoma City area. A volunteer is developing a website at www.GHART.info .

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