Hoover Neighborhood Assn

Tulsa's Hoover Neighborhood Association represents the area bounded by 21st and 31st streets and Yale Avenue to Sheridan Road.

Our purpose is to promote social relations, property values and safety throughout the neighborhood. Because we are a neighborhood association (not a homeowner association), anyone of legal age living or having a business within these boundaries, whether owning or renting, in an individual home or apartment/condo, is welcome and encouraged to join the Hoover Neighborhood Association.
The Neighborhood Association was established following the March 2006 murder of Hoover Elementary student Elizabeth Wagoner. Our desire was to honor Elizabeth's memory and ensure that our neighborhood would be a safe place for all to live with a sense of pride.
Some projects we conduct to support our goals are: Annual Block Party at Darlington Park, a Community Garage Sale at Hoover School, and regular neighborhood clean-up days. We also have a volunteer Citizen Alert Patrol (CAP) consisting of city approved and trained members. Various committees work to achieve our goals and volunteers are always welcome to participate. We also have two neighborhood pools for residents and their friends.
MEETINGS FOR OUR RESIDENTS AND NEIGHBORS. Hoover Neighborhood Association meetings are typically held on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Hoover Elementary School, 23rd and Darlington, with some months (including November and December) being dark and some summer meetings held at an alternate location.
VOLUNTEER BOARD/CONTACTS. Be sure to click on DIRECTORY to view the list of our active board members and the legislative representatives for our neighborhood.
If you are new to our community or our association, we welcome you and hope you will join us in making the Hoover neighborhood the best little "town" in the city of Tulsa.